Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reading Counts News / Lexiles

I'm currently reviewing the students' Reading Counts forms, like I do every month. I look at their form (which they are SO good at completing independently, by the way) and compare it to a report I print from Scholastic's Reading Counts management software. I also look at their Lexiles while I'm reviewing their quiz scores.

Our class's average Lexile score is currently 819. The range for 3rd grade is 500-800. I've never had a class average higher than the grade level range. The 4th grade range is 600-900. 5th grade is 700-1,000. I went back to compute the average Lexile for the beginning of the year... 571. So as the grade level ranges increase by 100 points every year (in upper elementary), I would expect that students increase their individual Lexile scores by about the same 100 points. Now since I've been reviewing my class's Lexile scores for the past six years, in both 3rd and 4th grade, I've realized that my students (not just mine, other classes, too...) increase their scores by much more than 100 points. However, this class's average increase of 248 points is higher than I ever remember. Great job Room 20!

So, inevitably, I must be doing something right... right? Maybe the increase is in spite of my efforts. =) Anyway, my overall point is that each month (and each year) that goes by I become more and more comfortable and confident with using the Reading Counts program as a motivational reading tool. Which brings me to one of my favorite pieces of news to share...

While Cypress currently has 5,000+ Reading Counts quizzes available, students will soon have access to Scholastic's entire Reading Counts catalog of over 43,000 quizzes. We will also be receiving monthly updates of newly released quizzes.

I've mostly managed the Reading Counts program the same way since I started using it, with only minor tweaks here and there. If you have any suggestions for changes, or any feedback or ideas at all about how to use the Reading Counts program, please let me know. Thanks...


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